GIGOLogo-GirlsEducationEquityEmpowermentThe Young Women’s Empowerment Foundation, a member of the African American Education Collaborative of the San Bernardino City Unified School District, is excited to announce the launch and implementation of the award-winning Got It Goin’ On® Empowerment Program for Girls (GIGO), as part of their strategy to improve the social and emotional development and academic outcomes of African American female students.  Recognized by OPRAH & ESSENCE Magazine as an effective empowerment solution for girls, Got It Goin’ On®, the brainchild of author, speaker, and girls’ empowerment expert, Janice Ferebee, MSW – is an empowerment brand of Ferebee Enterprises International, LLC (FEI). The GIGO model offers concrete tools for helping girls reach their potential, including a personal development handbook, companion curriculum and facilitator’s guide, gear, and training.  The GIGO Facilitator’s Guide allows the opportunity for facilitators to tailor the session, by incorporating culturally and educationally sensitive materials and activities.  The accompanying handbook, Got It Goin’ On-II: Power Tools for Girls!, offers strategies and information that encourages girls to think more critically about their life choices and develop skills to appropriately respond to life’s challenges – building confidence and cultural pride.  Ms. Ferebee is proud to be a partner in helping to move the dial in student achievement for African American girls in the San Bernardino City Unified School District and around the world. ( *